onsdag 6 januari 2010

Snowed In

Today I was snowed in and unfortunately the boiler broke completely this morning so we have no heating or hot water. Lots of hot cups of tea and candles have kept me a bit warm. It looks quite nice and cosy but my fingers and feet are starting to feel differently. There is no doubt that the snow is looking beautiful, but hopefully it will soon clear so life can get back to normal and we can travel to and from work again. I need another hot cup of tea now!!

fredag 18 december 2009

Christmas Sparkle

I love sparkly things, I know I use the word sparkle and love a lot... I am just happy that the tree still have some needles left, we got it for the 1st Advent so it's already done 3 weeks of hard work in our house, spreading joy and smelling absolutely divine. Last night it started snowing in Surrey - wow it was amazing, so beautiful and white! I almost imagined Santa coming on his sleigh with the reindeers and all... it was a rare treat to say the least for all us living south! Camera was out and snow fight was on!

A House Full Of Christmas

There is room for Christmas in every corner of my house, well not exactly room but I just add it anyway! It helps me get in the festive spirit and hopefully everyone that visits too. I love having people around all year around but especially at Christmas, and I like to inpose some Swedish traditions onto people! Glögg is one of my favourites, it's the Swedish version of mulled wine but oh, so much nicer. (It's been confirmed by many non-Swedes, I promise!) It has such a special place with me at Christmas that it has it's own sparkly red "dress".. If anyone fancy giving it a go they sell it in IKEA....


I dry oranges for the 1st of Advent and let the smells of Christmas fill the house

måndag 14 december 2009

More Christmas Baking

I made my first ever Christmas cake this year. We tried it yeasterday and it was nice, although I think it looked better than it tasted if I am honest! I might stick to chocolate in the future...

söndag 6 december 2009

Christmas Baking

December is such a lovely time, the run-up to Christmas is the best, although it can be very stressful too. That's why I like baking, it relaxes me and takes my mind off the daily stress. Making home made treats and filling your home with decorations is lovely, especially home made one's like baked oranges with cloves and cinamon sticks tied together with red ribbons, it looks pretty and your home will be filled with lovely Christmassy scents. This year I made my first English Christmas cake (very exciting), in October I made the cake and the other day I iced it. Can't wait to try it! It just needs some final decorative touches now..

Swedish saffron bread and Christmassy bisquits with nuts and raisins

Tomato and apple chutney - nice on home made Christmas loaf.

fredag 23 oktober 2009

I wish I had more time to potter around, and to blog! My computer is broken.. so have just a few stolen moments to catch up here.. will start soon to paint at home, will definately include some photo-evidence on here when finished. Until then enjoy the autumn! (I realise my bedroom window makes one more think of summer...)

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

The last memory of summer

Winter is approaching, it's getting colder and darker and we are having to pack the last of summer away. I tidied up my garden a couple of weekends ago and made room for the autumn and winter plants. This lovely sunflower was still soldiering on and is now brightening things up in the house. Of the six seeds I planted this was the only survivor. But it gave lots of joy and still after 2 weeks after being moved to a jam jar (!) it's looking sunny and sweet. It reminds me of our summer holiday in France, driving past all those golden fields packed with sunflowers, stopping for picnics and enjoying wine, cheese and french bread.. Sunshine in a jar!!