söndag 6 december 2009

Christmas Baking

December is such a lovely time, the run-up to Christmas is the best, although it can be very stressful too. That's why I like baking, it relaxes me and takes my mind off the daily stress. Making home made treats and filling your home with decorations is lovely, especially home made one's like baked oranges with cloves and cinamon sticks tied together with red ribbons, it looks pretty and your home will be filled with lovely Christmassy scents. This year I made my first English Christmas cake (very exciting), in October I made the cake and the other day I iced it. Can't wait to try it! It just needs some final decorative touches now..

Swedish saffron bread and Christmassy bisquits with nuts and raisins

Tomato and apple chutney - nice on home made Christmas loaf.

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  1. This blog made me smile. I am now away to do some baking!x